• For young housewives: the optimal water temperature for washing meat is 25-30 ° C.
  • Spicy sauce with horse radish is ideal for fat meat.
  • You can define that the meat is ready by piercing it with a fork and pressing it: if the juice is red, the meat is not ready yet, and if the juice is white, the meat is done.
  • Fried meat should be served right after cooking.
  • If you salt raw meat, it will give juice, and that will spoil its taste: the meat will be dry and tough.
  • Dill doesn’t only give a unique flavor to the dish, but it is also a valuable source of vitamins C, B1, P, PP, A, as well as calcium, phosphorus and iron.
  • Liver is especially rich in vitamins, it contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C.
  • Fat ground meat should be used for cooking dumplings, fillings for cakes, pies, pancakes and stuffed cabbage. For chops and meatballs use minced meat with less fat.
  • The taste of lamb depends on the animal’s age to a large extent. The color of young lamb should be light-red and it has white fat, the meat of adult animals is brick-red and it has much more fat.
  • How to define that the lamb is ready: press the lamb with a finger, if the meat is grey and tough enough, it is well done.
  • To get the meat with a golden brown crust, you should cook it on medium heat on a frying pan without a lid, and do not turn the meat up until one side is completely fried.
  • When roasting meat in the oven, it is recommended to pour it with the meat juice every 10-15 minutes. If the meat gives little juice, you can add a little broth or water.
  • Sauces are necessary for meat dishes, especially for cooked and steamed ones. Due to sauce the meat is more juicy and tasty.
  • Salt meat straight before frying to save its juiciness.
  • If the beef for minced meat is too tough, you may lard to it.
  • Add a little garlic to minced meat for flavor.
  • Dumplings will be more juicy if you use minced pork and beef in equal parts.
  • If you cook liver for a long time, it becomes tough.
  • Roast meet will have a dainty taste if you add 2-3 leaves of basil.
  • For cooking meat dishes with tomato sauce use red ground pepper.
  • To keep meat roll in the fridge, wrap it with foil.
  • If onion is too bitter, cut it in halves and hold it in a deluted solution of vinegar for 2-3 minutes.
  • It pork is too fatty, you can fry it without oil.

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